7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Blaming Your Electricity Company

The 7th reason is the most surprising one!

  1. They are a business, not a charity!
  2. They provide a reliable service – How often does your power go off?
  3. They are competitive in their market (if not, leave them!)
  4. You probably have NOT done a FREE Power Audit to check your power wastage
  5. You probably have NOT installed Voltage Optimisers to reduce costs by 15%
  6. You probably have NOT installed Solar Energy or LED lighting
  7. You probably have NOT taken up a ZERO COST plan  which enables business owners to get all of the above, plus free maintenance with NO cost to you (Installation payments are taken out of only a PORTION of your monthly SAVINGS).

Why request your free power audit today? Vista Energy will drop by with some diagnostic equipment, count your lights, review your business’ lighting and power efficiency and present you with an obligation free offer to show you how many thousands of dollars you will save (and without you needing to outlay a cent!). Don’t cut your staff. Instead, reduce your unnecessary lighting, heating and cooling costs and benefit from the savings when your next power bill arrives. Join the list of smart companies who are already saving on a monthly basis.

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