Most people recognise the importance of having their vehicle serviced regularly. Vehicles come with a manufacturers service book which specifies the timing of different service items and maintenance schedules. But many vehicle owners forget and neglect the regular servicing and maintenance of their vehicle’s power steering system.

All vehicles should have their power steering fluid flushed out and replaced regularly – every 12 months.

It’s amazing how neglected this service is within the auto industry, as many new vehicle service maintenance schedules do not include this important detail. As a result, this is one cause of power system failure and why so many owners are having to pay for expensive power steering replacements and rebuilds. The simple process of having a qualified, experienced mechanic flush out and replace power steering oil every 12 months would save car owners a lot of money and inconvenience.

For the small cost of flushing and replacing power steering fluid, your power steering will perform better and last much longer.

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