Interview Australia: Tell me a little about your Directory Service, what it offers and how it started.

Find It Now Directory Spokesman: What we have done is set up a free Australian business directory where people can promote their businesses, services and websites. The name is quite lengthy but there is a clever Acronym that many don’t even recognize: Find It Now Directory (“FIND“)

Interview Australia: Why would Australians decide to promote their business online with you instead of say the Yellow Pages?

Find It Now Directory Spokesman: We provide a free service where business owners and anyone can create their own free listing within minutes. We don’t pressure people in to upgrading to paid listings and the free listings still receive free back-links to their website. We aren’t trying to compete with the likes of Yellow Pages; we don’t even print a hard-copy directory. We provide a simple, free online service.

Interview Australia: So your service is completely free? How do you keep the business financially profitable?

Find It Now Directory Spokesman: It is completely free to list a business or website in ONE category. You can upload your own logo to your listing and add a link to your website for free. You can choose to pay a small annual fee to double your back-links by listing it in two categories or three categories etc… At the time of print, the current fee is just AU$1.00 per additional category. We have a number of online businesses and some are more profitable than others. We also have a few banner advertisements though out the site to help keep it in the black so to speak.

Interview Australia: Is the directory only for Australian businesses or can people promote overseas businesses and websites on there too?

Find It Now Directory Spokesman: We do make a point of clearly stating on the website that it is for Australian businesses. But, it is difficult to “police” this and we are not wanting to be too restrictive. For the most part, it is Australians that are using the site. We do also have a World-wide Directory which is a separate directory intended for the larger online audience. is the World-wide Directory and is the Australian Directory.