Interviewer: What is the Evangelism Forum all about?

Evangelism Forum Spokesperson: Evangelism Forum is an online, Christian community where believers can share, discuss and encourage one another. It is a place where Christians can discuss topics and issues related to sharing their faith and evangelism and witnessing in general.

Interviewer: Aren’t there already Christian Forums that serve this function?

Evangelism Forum Spokesperson: There are a number of Christian forums online for Christians to debate, encourage and interact and while there are a few of these that have an “evangelism” section within the forum, we really wanted to create one place that was specifically devoted to the topic of evangelism. So it is more of a niche forum for Christians who are already passionate about evangelism.

Interviewer: There are a lot of different churches and denominations out there who operate under the guise of “Christian”. What is the affiliation of this forum or ministry.

Evangelism Forum Spokesperson: We are made up Christians from a number of different denominations. Whilst many of us have differing slants on some theological issues, most of us are united on the subject of evangelism. The Gospel is the Good News about Jesus and we want to reach as many people on this earth as we can with that Good news. We have members in the forum from Non-denominational Churches, Pentecostal Churches, Reformed Churches, Presbyterian Churches, Brethren Churches and all the others in between. We don’t ask members to fill out a Church affiliation statement or a faith statement. We focus on what unites us (the Gospel) and we can then utilize some of the other Christian Forums for more in-depth theological debates about doctrine and denomination.

Interviewer: Is the Forum specifically intended for Australians and is it a membership site?

Evangelism Forum Spokesperson: It is online and free for ANY Christian who speaks English to join. Australians can visit Evangelism Australia website if they are looking for something that is specifically for Australians. So in answer to your question, it is not specifically for Australians, it is a World-Wide Christian Forum.

We have set up a number of different categories (or sub forums) within the main forum. We have a sub-forum dedicated to the evangelism ministry “The Way of the Master” (probably one of the most popular evangelism ministries in the USA (See Way of the Master Forum ). We have set up sub-forums for Street Preaching (See Street Preaching forum); We have a sub-forum set up for discussing the teachings of Mark Cahill (see Mark Cahill Forum ), There is a Gospel Tract Forum and a number of others but I wont push the number of links I can get here 🙂

Interviewer: Haha, it’s OK, I can add a few. Well thanks for sharing that with us and I wish you and your forum all the best.

Evangelism Forum Spokesperson: Thanks, it was a privilege. Here is a Gospel tract for you: Where do you think you will spend eternity?

Interviewer: Ah, ok, I think I’ll go to the “Good place”. Let’s chat off-line…