interview australiaWhat kind of window repair and restoration services do you provide in the Melbourne are?


Period Window Restorations

There are many different types of window restoration services available. Rot treatment and repair, Heritage Window Repairs, Glass upgrades to your period windows, Sill replacements, Steel window refurbishment and Sash window restorations, just to mention a few.

Period Window Restorations

We provide the following window restoration services:

  • Rot treatment and repair
  • Heritage Window Repairs
  • Glass upgrades to your period windows
  • Sill replacements
  • Steel window refurbishment
  • Sash window restoration
  • Sash frame replacement
  • Moulding replacement
  • Draft and rattle elimination
  • Spiral Balances
  • Fly Screens
  • Other glass replacement and upgrades
  • Glazing Specialist‚Ä®Services
  • Custom Joinery‚Ä® Locks and fittings

Heritage Window Restorations, Melbourne

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Sash Window Repairs

Melbourne Window Restorations