Cat Owners – Do Not Buy These 3 Poisonous Plants

Plants can be good decorations for your house but unfortunately, if you have pets, there might be plants that you just have to take out for the sake of your furry friends’ lives. We have here the top 3 poisonous plants that can jeopardize your pet’s health if you don’t remove them immediately.

Before we go on and provide you this list, in case your pet has ingested one of these poisonous plants, here are some signs to look out for in order to save their lives. Keep in mind that sometimes, just them having their paws playing with the leaves can already poison them. This is why you MUST take this warning seriously before it’s too late.

Signs and Symptoms Your Cat Ingested A Poisonous Plant

  1. Vomiting: This is usually an initial reaction that cats experience when they are exposed to the toxins of a poisonous plant. If the vomit’s color is green or dark, there is a huge chance that your cat is indeed being poisoned. You can run to the vet when you see this happens.
  1. Low Energy: If your cat is not being perky than the usual and all it does is just sleep (for more than 18 hours a day), it can be a sign that the plant’s toxin has reached its system.
  1. No Appetite To Eat Or Drink: When your cat stops eating or drinking for a day, this is a bad sign and will need immediate attention from a veterinarian.

Now that you know these signs, it is only fitting that you remove these top 3 plants that are possibly inside your house right now. If you love your pets (which I assume that you do), you’ll bookmark or save this page as you read on this list.

  1. Amaryllis: These are flowery plants that might look good in your living room but not if you have cats. You will easily recognize this plant from its flowers that have the combination of white and red for its petals.
  1. Lilies: It is another one of those flowering plants that can be harmful to your pets. They are easily distinguished for having large flowers that grow from bulbs. You can always just have these in your garden area if you still want to gaze upon their beauty, but it’s definitely not safe in your house where your cats can wander around and play with it.
  1. Pothos: These plants are not just dangerous and poisonous to pets, but even to humans. If ingested, you can be sure that you’ll experience skin irritation and even be vomiting. Touching it alone can cause skin rashes, so this is something that you should really be wary of keeping in your house.

Lots of people prefer to have it as a home or office decor because they are aesthetically appealing. This plant has calcium oxalates, which is the main cause of its poison to infiltrate any human or animal’s body system.

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