pallet house materials
Recycling is a good way to not only save up some cash but you can also save Mother Earth. You can apply it to building houses or storage spaces outside your house. If you are curious about the kinds of materials that you can use for this project, here are some of the things that you might want to take a look at to make this possible.
1. Glass Bottles: Recycled bottles of sodas and water are ideal to use for building a house because they are durable and can stand the test of time. They can adjust to the climate of your area, so you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating during the summer or winter. The best part of this project is that you don’t have to pay at for using recycled bottles.
2. Shipping Containers: This might get you to pay for a little bit since most shipping containers are not exactly free. Companies who used to own them will sell it to you but I have to say that the price is reasonable, especially for building a house. It won’t cost you that much compared to if you will buy the regular materials that you will use to build a shelter like bricks and cement.
3. Plastic Bottles: You will need more than a thousand plastic bottles for a housing project if you will choose to use this material. One of the most famous houses built using plastic bottles was the one made by a family residing in Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. Check out the house that the Alfredo Santa Cruz family built and it will blow your mind.
4. Pallets: You can recreate pallets and turn them into a house that is livable enough for two people. Believe it or not, but all you will have to spend for is around $500 to make this possible! Here is a YouTube video that might inspire you to do the same.
You don’t even need to hire a professional construction worker to do it because this is something that you can do yourself.
5. Scraps: There are so many junks that you can find in a junkyard that you can use to build a house. Lots of scrap metals and bricks are out there that you can even get for free to help you create a shelter like no other.
If you think this is impossible, you should start researching about Victor Moore and his famous “Junk Castle.” He built his house using scrap items that you can find in junk shops! He was able to manage to only spend $500 for this project.
It is never too late to consider recycling as a way to build your dream home. You just need a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness to pull this off. I hope that this list will inspire you to start a housing project that will also inspire others to do the same.