Monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) packages can be a very expensive commitment that most Australian start-up businesses cannot afford. Whether you have invested in a professional corporate website or a low cost budget website, it can still take weeks for Google to even find your website and there are no guarantees that it will appear anywhere on the first few pages of Google’s search engine results, especially if you are within a competitive industry where your competitors have been adding new content to their website and investing in SEO for years.

It may be disheartening and leave you feeling defeated before you begin. But there are a few very inexpensive things that you can do to help Google find your website fast and to give you a better chance of appearing higher in the search engine results.

  1. Commit to adding fresh, new and relevant content on your website weekly or monthly. If your website has a content management system like WordPress or Joomla, then you should be able to do this yourself quite easily (ie: Write a few paragraphs in a blog or news section of your website).
  2. Set up social media accounts for your business and post links to your blog articles and the various pages of your website.
  3. Make sure that your website has a sitemap installed so that Google can easily find all of the pages within your website.
  4. If you can invest just a few hundred dollars upfront, there are once-off SEO kickstarter packages that can help fast-track your website being found and the various pages indexed on Google.

If after doing all of this you want to get serious and are ready to invest and see your website progress and improve steadily in it’s Google ranking, then there are trusted monthly SEO packages that can really make a difference to the number of genuine customers that will find your website, products and services.