Perth Building InspectorMost Perth homebuyers don’t ask for a building inspection to be included in a contract when buying a home – risking thousands of dollars in unexpected extra costs.

 Building Inspection expert Steve Miller said many home buyers assume that a building inspection is a standard clause in the contract when buying a home.

“Many purchasers are surprised to find out that if they have not specifically asked for a building inspection clause, they have no right to get one done,” said Mr Miller

“Frequently home buyers call me to do a building inspection on the house they are buying and when I call the real estate agent they tell me I can’t do it because it’s not in the contract,” he said

“The home buyer then becomes suspicious – or incredibly anxious if they have already put down a deposit.”

“There’s no reason why people making the biggest investment of their life shouldn’t be able to have a professional building inspection done.”

“Purchasers need to be aware that prior to signing a contract, they should consider a building inspection.”

“Real estate agents are quiet on the matter of building inspections as they don’t want any potential issues with the house to come up which might cause the sale to fall through.”

“It’s also crucial to make sure your building inspector is legit.”

“There is no licensing system in Western Australia, and the industry is not regulated, so anyone could claim to be a building inspector.”

Mr Miller said potential homebuyers should consider the following before committing to purchasing a home:

  • Insist on a building inspection clause: Prior to signing a contract to buy a house ask for a building inspection clause to be included in the contract.
  • Make sure the building inspector is properly qualified: Ask questions, like what are your qualifications and background; how many inspections have you completed? Make sure inspection complies with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007.
  • Read your building inspection report: Familiarise yourself with what is contained in the report. Ask your building inspector questions on anything that you don’t understand.

 Mr Miller said not only are buyers exposed to the risk of buying a property with structural faults, there could also be safety and health issues to consider as well.

“All of this could end up costing thousands of dollars or more,” he said.

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Licenced BuilderAbout Steve Miller

With 25 years experience in the building industry and having constructed over 250 homes, Steve Miller is a leading building inspection expert in Perth.