Website design is a very competitive industry in Australia and world-wide. There is always a “new guy” out there who is willing to build you a cheap website.

A lot of small businesses and start-up enterprises don’t have a big budget when they set up their first website. They need something quick and simple that will make them look professional enough when their potential clients go and type the website address from the business card they were handed. Websites can work as sales tools and also as lead generators, but in most cases for start-up small businesses, they are only effective as an accompaniment to an already strong sales lead based upon a referral or face to face networking encounter.

There are a number of questions that you should consider when choosing your web designer:

  • How important is your website to your business’ success?
  • What exactly will a “low cost website” do for your business?
  • How long will it take to go live? Some designers can take several months for a simple brochure site
  • Will your website appear on Google and if so, at what page?
  • Will your website be easy for your customers to navigate?
  • Will your website be mobile friendly?
  • Will your web designer still be there in six months to offer support and maintenance on your website?
  • Will your website be SEO friendly? (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Will your website design compliment your logo design style, colours and brand guidelines?
  • Does the new website come with a CMS (Content Management System) so that you can make your own changes to the content and images?
  • Do they use a popular CMS like WordPress so that almost anyone will be able to take over if the designer becomes unavailable or someone who you would rather not work with? Or will they use a CMS that only they have access and license to?

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