What is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and How Much do they Cost?

The purchase of residential property is an important decision and should be supported by knowledge of the physical state of the property. Independent and objective advice is often required to enable informed decisions.

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is not intended to include a rigorous assessment of all building elements in a property. The inspection shall comprise of a visual assessment of the property to identify major defects and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

The inspector shall inspect all accessible parts of the building together with relevant features of the property within 30-metres of the building and within the boundaries of the site. Relevant features include car accommodation, driveways, and paths, steps, fencing, retaining walls more than 700mm high and detached laundries. The inspector will appraise the building elements, including structural elements, for the presence of defects.

The following areas shall be inspected:

  1. The interior of the building.
  2. The roof space.
  3. The exterior of the building.
  4. The sub-floor space.
  5. The roof exterior.
  6. The property (within 30m of the building subject to inspection).

The facts relating to the property as a result of the inspection must be clearly and comprehensively presented in the report. How much do Building Inspections cost in Perth, Western Australia, visit here to see the prices: Building Inspection Prices.  A report is not a certificate of compliance of the property within the requirements of any Act, regulation, ordinance, local law or by-law, and is not a warranty against problems developing with the building in the future.